Socratic Launches Study Groups and Chat to Make Homework Social


Socratic, the top-rated homework help app, today unveils a new feature, Study Groups – a brand new social experience that will help students tackle their toughest assignments with their friends and classmates.

The launch of social is another big move for Socratic as they continue to make learning easier, free, and more intuitive for all. Homework is a social activity, and students struggling in school often turn to the Internet and friends for help. But they communicate across countless content-heavy apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Students can now do it all on Socratic with zero distractions, whether it’s figuring out logistics, sharing resources, or providing pointers.study-group-create-screenshot

This will be the first time a social dimension comes to a homework help app. With Study Groups, students can create groups focused on academic topics. They’re discoverable by anyone in the school, helping students reach out to classmates outside of their friend circles. With chat, students can instantly share photos of homework and struggle selfies all in one place without constant app and context switching. Students easily maneuver through the Snapchat-inspired interface since they’re already comfortable using it.

“Homework isn’t fun, and a heavy workload can be a stressful, anxious experience for many students. We want to keep Socratic as the go-to app for homework help, but add a new component: the support of a kid’s closest friends and encouraging classmates,” said Chris Pedregal, Founder and CEO of Socratic.

The launch of social features follows quickly behind Socratic’s release of a top-rated Android app, a student-first math experience, and availability in five languages in the last year.US-History-chat

Shreyans Bhansali, Founder and CTO, added, “We’ve seen the rapid increase in chat messages and homework photos sent every day. We’re thrilled by how quickly students are taking to chat for help from friends. We can’t wait to work on more features that will not only help students learn, but also help others.”

To learn more about Socratic, visit socratic.org.