Saab Receives U.S. Army Order for AT4 Systems


Defense and security company Saab has received an order from the U.S. Army for the shoulder-launched AT4CS RS (Confined Space, Reduced Sensitivity) anti-armor weapon system. The order value amounts to $13.4M USD, and delivery will take place in 2019.

The AT4CS RS is a fully disposable, preloaded weapon system with a specially developed, unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers outstanding behind-armor effect inside the target. It weighs less than eight kilograms and has an effective range of 20 to 300 meters.

“This order is a great milestone for us and our ground combat portfolio. It demonstrates continued trust from the customer and emphasizes our leadership in the shoulder-launched product market,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s Dynamics business area.

The AT4 family is a range of lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapons characterized by ease of use and handling. This means they do not require expert gunners to operate the weapon effectively. The AT4 offers great flexibility and is not limited to combating tanks and heavy combat vehicles. The AT4 is equally effective against threats in buildings and fortifications. It can also be employed to protect fixed installations, supply points, and other vital assets.

“Since 1987, Saab has delivered more than 600,000 AT4s to U.S. forces. We are pleased to continue supplying this system and continue adapting it as the U.S. customer’s needs change,” says Michael Andersson, President and CEO, Saab North America.

In 2014, new versions of the weapon were introduced to the market. These new variants are part of the proven AT4CS family and build upon Saab’s modular 84-mm product range, including the Carl-Gustaf multi-purpose reloadable weapon system and the AT4 family of disposable weapons. The new AT4 variants – the AT4CS ER (Extended Range) and AT4CS HE (High Explosive) – provide multi-purpose, direct fire support with confined space capabilities.