At Work, Skype, Facebook and Lync are the Most Popular Instant Messaging Apps

Instant messaging softwares such as Skype, Slack or Facebook are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace and are changing the way employees traditionally connect with their colleagues.

ReportLinker conducted a survey to answer three questions:

  • In which sector do people use instant messaging softwares the most?

  • What are the most popular ones and why?

  • Do employees trust their privacy settings?

Key findings show that:

  • Only 19% of people prefer face-to-face communication when discussing something at work

  • And 50% prefer emails

  • 43% of people use instant messaging softwares in their company,including 71% who work in the tech industry.

  • The most used software is Skype 29% , followed by Facebook  Messenger 22% , Lync 19% and Slack 5%.

    A Better collaboration:

  • Among heavy users, 45% say they’re more productive with instant messaging

  • Efficiency (22%) and team collaboration (14%) are the biggest drivers of instant messaging adoption

  • 14% say it helps them reduce the volume of emails, while 12% liked the flexibility and 10% said the tools were easy to use.

  • The main drawback is the pressure to respond immediately cited by 24% of respondents


    Despite the popularity of instant messaging softwares, the majority of people, 57%, believe there’s no guarantee workplace conversations will remain private on such tools.

To see all the survey results click here.


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